Dan Fauré Valley 9v7

Valley 9v7' 120 x 125 cm

Dan Fauré My future among us

'My future among us' 110 x 140 cm

Dan Fauré Orange Cloud

'Orange cloud' 120 x 125 cm

Dan Fauré Turquoise cloud

'Turqoise cloud' 120 x 125 cm

Dan Fauré Blue Grey Triptych

'Blue Grey Triptych: Innocence / the Calling / Mastery' 45 x 170 cm

'Forever in a fervent dilation' 120 x 125 cm

Dan Fauré - Theia

'Theia' 140 x 80 cm

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My work is a natural dispositive towards understanding the position of myself and to a broader extent mankind towards our surroundings. By recreating landscapes I apply humanity to harsh and seemingly unbendable laws of physics that have shaped the world as it is. In doing so I explore our relationship with the planet and the environment from within an intuitive understanding of Earth's driving forces. My work expresses the feeling and its consequences that we should life in communality with the planet and not bend the Earth to our will.





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